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Plainview Historical Museum

Plainview Historical Museum

The Plainview Historical Museum is housed in a retired railroad depot

The depot was built in 1880 when the Fremont, Elkhorn, and Missouri Valley Railroad built a railroad line from Norfolk to Niobrara.

In 1903 the railroad line was sold to the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad who extended the line to Winner, S.D.

In 1913 the depot was lengthened from 64 to 90 feet and a brick veneer was added to the building.

Upstairs in the depot was a complete apartment where the depot agent and his family lived.

The depot was closed in 1960.

The last train on the Chicago Northwestern Railroad went from
Winner S.D. to Norfolk Neb. on June 19, 1978.

Upstairs The Plainview Historical Museum contains a complete apartment where the depot agent and his family lived.

On exibit upstairs are are examples of furniture, clothing, cooking utensils, and appliances.

The museum has an extensive collection of photographs.
The museum also has many antiques, including a large-wheeled bicycle, wedding dresses, 1927 rodeo saddle, quilts, telephones, and a 1917 Edison record player.

The Plainview Historical Museum is located at 304 S Main–2 blocks south of Plainview Public Library or 1 block south of Midwest Bank

The Historical Society maintains the Plainview Historical Museum and it is open May through Labor Day