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Lynch Main Street

Agate Fossil Hills

Sturdevant McKee Museum

The Sturdevant-McKee Museum in Atkinson is a period-home museum which was placed on the National Historic Site in 1999

Plainview Historical Museum

The Plainview Historical Museum is housed in a retired railroad depot The depot was built in 1880 when the Fremont, Elkhorn, and Missouri Valley Railroad built a railroad line from Norfolk to Niobrara. In 1903 the railroad line was sold to the Chicago and Northwestern

Rudy's Library Monowi

Rudy’s  library holds 5,000 books, which means Monowi probably has the highest books-to-people ratio in the nation.

Nebrask Inn Gross

Ashfall Fossil Beds

Ogalala National Grassland

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Good times abound along US 20, Nebraska’s Highway to Adventure.

You’ll pass through some of Nebraska’s most scenic countryside while traveling Highway 20.

There are the beautiful, rolling bluffs along the Missouri River in the east, the awesome, timeless Sand Hills of Central Nebraska and the magnificent, pine-studded buttes of the Pine Ridge area in the western part of the state.

You can relive the romantic history of the Old West at Fort Robinson State Park near Crawford, or at the Sand Hills Museum in Valentine.

The story of the American fur trade is excellently told at the Museum of the Fur Trade near Chadron.

And Mari Sandoz, Nebraska’s famed writer of the early West, can be better understood after you visit her homeland near Gordon.

An ancient past is better understood through a visit to Ashfall Fossil Beds State Park between Royal and Orchard and Agate

Accidental Highway

The Longest Road